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The Shopper


The Situation

Brick and mortar retail stores have been feeling the pinch of a reduction of sales in the recent past due to several reasons beyond their control. And to add to their misery, a pandemic grabbed hold of the world, killing off hopes of a recovery to this retail sector. The founder of V Mall was also a proud owner of a retail store, until he had to close down operations for reasons beyond his control.

In doing so, he swore to himself that he would start a retail revolution that will save this retail sector. He understood that there were several big players in the market that were slowly eating away at their market share, making it difficult for the survival of the brick and mortar retail sector. With a belief that it would take something special to be the saviour to the retail sector, the entrepreneur in him awoke, with the idea that complete collaboration of all stakeholders would be needed, to create a retail revolution, in order to claim back market share that was taken away.

This led to the birth of V Mall, a Virtual Mall, created for the brick and mortar retail sector to be able to showcase their stores virtually, to reclaim their sales via an online portal, and grow their businesses once again. This collaboration shall assist in starting a retail revolution, with stakeholders grouping together to be a force in the market, which otherwise would not be achievable individually. Together we shall march towards prosperity and success.

The Solution

We find ourselves with a lack of shopping options due to the pandemic that is gripping our world and affecting our everyday lives. Life as we knew it has ceased to exist, and we find ourselves trying to adapt to this New Normal.

Our leisurely trips to the mall have been minimised in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 and to keep ourselves safe from contracting the deadly disease. The stores that we were used to shopping at have become somewhat out of bounds. This situation has left many of us frustrated as we are unable to get what we want.

The founder of V Mall, a store owner himself, felt that there had to be something done to assist shoppers that were now stranded. This led to the creation of V Mall, a Virtual Mall, set up to alleviate the frustrations of customers to the mall setting. Our favourite stores have all faced losses during this difficult period, causing lots of them to close their doors forever. We don’t want to see this happening any further, and if this trend continues, we won’t be able to purchase our desired goods from our much-loved stores anymore.

So let’s try to assist our cherished stores by supporting them on V Mall, so that they don’t become extinct, leaving us with less choice.

Why Choose V Mall

Virtual Stores

Imagine a replica of all of your favourite brick and mortar stores – now online for your shopping pleasure. Available for you 24/7 – 365. Now you can shop from the comfort of wherever you are, as if you’re actually at the store, at your leisure, without any effort. You will be able to browse, shop and pay for items seamlessly, in a safe, secure and trusted environment and have the items delivered to you the same day, or the next business day. We’re revolutionising online shopping for your convenience and preference.

Bringing SA to You

We’ve all had the experience of visiting other cities within our beautiful country and falling in love with certain niche stores. And we wonder when we’re going to travel again to shop at those stores. Well, wonder no more. We plan to bring all the stores in SA to you, so that you don’t have to fly or drive there specifically to go shopping. It will be available at V Mall – For your shopping Pleasure and Convenience.

Accessible via all Devices and Platforms

Our offering shall be available and accessible to you via desktop/laptop computers, tablets and mobile friendly; and will also be compatible with all browsers. Further to that, V Mall shall have a registered App which will be accessible on the Apple Playstore for iOS, as well as the Google Playstore, for Android, for your shopping convenience.

Delivered to Your Door

We promise to get your package to you as soon as we can. We have different delivery options, starting at same day delivery, to delivery within 2-5 days, dependent on your needs. Just click your wishes and we will get your happiness in a box delivered to you.